Two by Two - Confident, creative, curious and thoughtful.
A Two by Two woman is confident, calm and creative. She likes to experiment with different colours and textures while making sure she always looks modern and refined. While style is important to her, so is function, comfort and quality. 

“I love that my Two by Two outfit shows my personality while still being appropriate for work" 

 “I really appreciate a brand who knows exactly how their clothes are being produced.

"I love the quality of the pieces I have bought, they still look as good as the day I got them"



Designer and founder Cecilia (CC) has been crafting women’s fashion in her Auckland based studio since 2010. Her collections show a palate of styles and colours, reflecting the ever-changing moods and environments woman find themselves in today’s world.

With over 14 years in the industry her initial foundation started in graphic design, CC branched out in to the fashion world working for a number of local designers and producers creating for some of the best known labels in New Zealand. When the time was right, she went out and started her own project.

From concept to design, fabric selections to production, CC’s breadth of knowledge and expertise can be seen in every stitch. When CC designs she is doing so for a smart, sassy, authentic woman who is also creative and playful.



Working with stockists

Two by Two is proudly stocked in over 100 retail stores throughout NZ and Australia and continues to grow and support the fashion and retail industry. Our online store is a linking platform providing services to our retailers to grow their sales without the need for their own online store. This means when placing an order through our website, you receive your item from your local stockist rather that directly from us.



Trading Company

Two by Two is owned an operated by Got Get Limited. Invoices and documentation will feature either Two by Two or Got Get Limited.



Sister brands

Two by Two shares their team with two sister brands, Blacklist and Bone & Arrow. Make sure you check them out for even more options to add to your wardrobe!!




The hot topic these days is all about sustainable and ethically run businesses. As kiwis with that eco-conscious mindset, we think we are all light years ahead of the rest of the world already... but there is always room to improve!

One good thing we have on our side is that we aren’t some giant mega-corp ruining the planet. We are a small team of like-minded creatives constantly looking for ways to make a difference. It’s easy for us to come up with an initiative and implement it at the snap of our fingers. Also we are the designers/producers/factory... which means we control much of the manufacturing process.

From the many things we do to help... here are a few things we thought deserved a mention.


  • Use natural fabrics where possible, eg Linen, Cotton.
  • Use recyled fibres where possible, eg Rayon, Cupro.
  • Offer natural colours where possible to reduce the need for colour dying and fasting process.
  • No Angora yarn is used in any of our garments.
  • Left over fabrics are donated to local schools fashion departments.
  • Mainly cut to order to reduce excess stock and wastage.


  • Single use plastic bags and courier bags are bio-degrable.
  • Old packaging materials are donated/reused/recycled.
  • We use woven reusable garment bags for retail deliveries.
  • Reuse hangers. A switch to cardboard internally is under way. 
  • Left over fabrics are being turned into shopping bags and accessories for gifts/store/charity.
We've been doing these things since forever-ago but we are always discovering new ways to be more streamlined and efficient. Any technology that is going to save time and resources gets prioritised and of course going 'digital' really helps that in so many ways.
  • Eliminate paper wastage - double sided printing & reuse of scrap paper.
  • Inventory and orders are managed online rather than printing and filing.
  • Transformed printed look books to digital form and online only.
  • Consolidate deliveries to stores within NZ.
We are a small team based in Auckland, NZ... but we are working with an ever expanding group of experts that we treat as our extended family. Locally we work with retailers, sales consultants, alterations specialists, clothing pressers, couriers, freight forwarders and more. Internationally the family expands further with our production departments including pattern makers, QC coordinators and logistics.
We set up the production house in China in 2008 when it was found local producers weren't able to keep up with the demands we required. We would love to be 'Made in NZ' but the reality of fashion production is that it is better supported at the source of the materials, especially to a design/technology driven label such as ours. This means unnecessary costs aren't passed on to customers whilst eliminating wastage when ordering and cutting fabrics. The technology and expertise in China is industry-leading and with strict local initiatives, the environment is being put first.... plus we keep them stocked with L&P and pineapple lumps when ever we visit :)
  • Managed by husband and wife team Jacki and Anne.
  • Located close to everything needed (fabrics/trims/etc) meaning less travel and less time to produce.
  • Pattern making and cutting is 100% computerised, calculating the most efficient way to maximize the use of materials.
  • From development to finished garments, everything is handled under the same roof to maximise efficiency and eliminate errors.
  • There are around 33 staff including a chef who makes sure everyone is fed and happy.